The Green Solution

Creative Director, 2016

Now that Cannabis is Legalized, let’s look at it Differently.

Without the stigma of illegality, Cannabis brands and product experiences can finally shed the subterfuge and embrace digital technologies to build a complete ecosystem platform. The Green Solution is on the forefront of this revolution, leading Colorado forward towards a future where marijuana products are seen in boardrooms before back alleys, and access to their products is as easy as it is visually appealing. By focusing on imagery that champions the heritage of cannabis while at the same time helping to elevate the aesthetic artistry of the craft, the mobile web experience for The Green Solution helps push the industry forward through an easy to use, iconic discovery and ordering experience. By leveraging game mechanics and order previews, TGS delivers a compelling way to make discovering and purchasing products more streamlined. Utilizing an onboarding approach that recognizes the variable levels of knowledge among both Colorado locals and cannabis tourists, The Green Solution mobile web provides an on ramp for guests of all experience levels that helps them find their perfect product.

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Bye leveraging a web-based product experience, TGS is able to provide a robust experience without asking visitors to download a standalone app.
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What Cannabis Looks Like

No longer criminalized or stigmatized, the visual imagery that represents how cannabis is communicated can also evolve. Vaporizers, black and white imagery, and photographic subjects that skew both young and old, and across socioeconomic levels help imbue a sense of universality to cannabis usage. While it’s important for customers to see themselves in the subjects photographed as part of the visual brand canon, it’s just as critical to represent a diverse swath of humanity that helps visitors to the The Green Solution understand that part of the allure of cannabis culture is the globalized approach to community, and the understanding that cannabis is for everyone.

For Locals and Tourists Alike

The Green Solution recognizes that along with a newfound legalization comes a group of potential customers with a diverse set of experiences and expectations. Strong onboarding helps everyone feel comfortable with the product lineup.

Order Progress

One of the more innovative aspects of The Green Solution product experience is the ability to order ahead of time to skip the often long lines at many stores in Colorado. While this ability is helpful, without the knowledge of when the order will actually be ready for pickup it becomes lessened by the obfuscation of timing specifics. The order preview helps customers have a better idea of when they should actually head to the store, and adds an element of entertainment by showcasing the order process through a visual progress meter.

Game Mechanics

The essential postulation behind adding game mechanics is one of behavior dynamics, and how purchasing changes when an aggregation of products bought is publicly displayed, and certain categories are rewarded through badges and other visual ephemera within the product experience. By creating a leaderboard that helps locals have more pride in their purchase habits, and by creating a points system that enables loyal customers to earn discounts based on their purchase habits, The Green Solution leverages gamification in a way that helps drive the product and brand forward.

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What I Learned

Emerging product categories require product designers to shed the expectations and biases in order to discover a solution that at once feels surprising for the space but natural for the products. Especially when the category is moving from an illegal to a legal state, using design to shift the perspective of customers is imperative, and can be accomplished through both nontraditional visual representations of products and customers, as well as through the integration of facets of other industries that have worked well. By helping to evolve the look and feel of the industry, The Green Solution is changing the way cannabis is perceived and purchased in Colorado and beyond.

What I Loved

The cannabis industry is a blank slate from a design and technological perspective. It’s untouched from a digital product perpsective, which allows the kind of opportunities for growth and innovation that is at once exhilerating and terrifying. I loved how this unknown attracted the most intelligent and fearless leaders, developers, and investors to the space, which had the benefit of permeating down throughout the industry.


Creative Director


Research, Design, Prototyping


The Green Solution


Live, 2016