Sandwich Cannon

Design Lead, 2011

Make it rain lunch fixin's with the Jimmy John's Sandwich Cannon.

Foods fights are so 8th grade. Yet, when they happen digitally there's way less to clean up and the social stigma all but fades to black. Recognizing that everyone enjoys playing with their food, we partnered with Evolution Bureau to create a mobile app that fuses the Jimmy John's product line to the face of whoever happens to be in front of you. While Jimmy John's corporate lawyers initially approved this bombastic approach to sandwich-in-mouth humor, the app has since been pulled.

― Sandwich Cannon Branding
The Sandwich Cannon is a truly unique 'mobile' menu, and offers an up close and personal view of delicious ingredients and digital kittens.
― Select Application Screens
― Promotional Video

What I Learned

There is value in finding a way to distill an experience down to its simplest form. With Sandwich Cannon, the challenge I found was in capturing the essence of how to aim, shoot, and fire a submarine sandwich at either a live target or a Facebook photo without mucking up the simple joy users felt when they actually accomplished that feat. The design neccesitated a feature set that merely augmented the awesomeness of sandwich launch, rather than seeking to out-do or replace the core experience.

What I Loved

When the right combination of client, agency, and production partners establish a good creative rhythm and confidence, ideas that at once feel at home and unexpected are able to see the light of day. However briefly, Jimmy John's Sandwich Cannon provided a respite from boredom and a way to react to Facebook photos in more sinister ways than a lowly like button.


Design Lead


Research, Design


Evolution Bureau


Retired, 2013