Creative Director, 2015

Manage Events for Multiple People with Mutually Shared Availability.

Group Scheduling Sucks. While most events involve multiple people, at their core calendar apps just aren't built for robust collaboration. It's simply too difficult to schedule or migrate an event for multiple people from a mobile device, and groups spend more time managing calendars and locating available windows than in the actual event itself. ATLAS aims to change this by enabling users to manage events for groups by suggesting event times based on mutually shared availability. ATLAS helps manage groups based on email threads and social activity, and recommends local events based on content triggers. The product sketch leverages a gesture based interface to inject a sense of abstract enjoyment from what might typically be considered repetitive doldrum. This project was developed as part of an internal product design ideation session at Apple in 2015.

― Product Look & Feel
ATLAS is a product that understands humans are social creatures at their core, and that events with friends are better than those alone.
― Select Application Screens
― Application Flow

Events in motion.

Calendars are flexible, so why not make the interface act the same way. Using FramerJS, a prototoype demonstrating both swipe to dismiss and tilt to peek were quickly validated on an actual device.

― Gesture Prototype

What I Learned

Utility is at the heart of all great design. Treating the usefullness of your product as the north star of all design decisions engenders a motivational clarity that simplifies the process. FramerJS is still the most powerful way to author new interface paradigms from scratch, and will continue to rise in value as the mobile web views of a smart phone are able to tap into native sensors and processing capabilties. Just because it's a minimum viable product doesn't mean that it can't be useful and beatiuful. It's about capturing a compelling moment in an exprience and building from there.

What I Loved

As digital designers evolve in a world that quickly moves from websites to mobile apps to virtual reality based holograms and immersive screen experiences, it's important as stewards of the future to keep fiddling with new technologies, and to keep playing, hands-on, with the potential that emerging interaction models allow for. Diving into an unknown code set for mobile Safari sensor inputs, I was reminded how much optimism and untapped energy exists in not quite knowing what might be around the next corner.


Creative Director


Research, Design, Prototyping




Retired, 2015